Most of the standard tours are offered age-based for school groups and other kids groups.

Moreover special tours for kids are offered:

Kid’s everyday life in Würzburg in the old days
How did children live in the old days in a town like Würzburg? What where their duties? Did they have to work? How did they live, what did they wear, what was the food like and where did they play? The tour is trying to find answers to these questions at different spots in town, e.g. at market square, inside Holy Mary Chapel, at the Town Hall, the Wood Gate and next to the river Main. In these places historic everyday life of children is going to be visualized in a vivid way.

duration of the tour: about 1,5 hours
recommended age: 5-12

If only works of art could speak …
We want to explore modern and old art works and fountains in our town, many of which are often carelessly passed by by locals and guests. What are they showing and who is depicted? What stories are being told? What are the figures thinking about or what do they want to tell us? In order to find out more about all this, we want to slip into different roles and thereby discover many interesting aspects of these works of art.

duration of the tour : about 1,5 hours
recommended age: 5-12