The most awesome way to reach the Pilgrimage Church ‘Käppele’  on Nikolaus hill is to follow up the Stations of the Cross with their life-size monumental stone sculptures. The effort is worth the trouble: once you have reached the platform, you will be rewarded with one of the best views onto Würzburg (you can also drive up with your own coach, yet there are still about 70 stairs to climb down). The church, a late work by the famous baroque architect Balthasar Neumann, is captivating in its architectural outline and rich interior decoration. The adjacent miracle walkway with numerous old votive offerings is also worth seeing. By the way the ‘Käppele’ is one of very few churches in Würzburg that was spared during the heavy destruction of the town in 1945 – therefore today a genuine marvel of baroque and rococo style!

Duration of the tour:
1 hour (driving up with your own coach),
1 1/2 hours (on foot including the Stations of the Cross)