A walk through Würzburg’s Court Garden is recommendable at any time of the day. Especially the evening hours suit perfectly for an extended stroll. Learn about the different garden designs and their accomplishment in the course of time as well as about the numerous sculptures placed all over. Who raped Proserpina and Europe and where were they brought to? We will also walk on top of the old fortifications, from where you have wonderful views of the residence as well as of several churches in Würzburg. Enjoy the simultaneous view of the court garden and the exterior, an idea that Balthasar Neumann developed already 300 years ago. Why did the Swedish landscape gardener Jöns Person Lindhal commit suicide in the “Ringpark” that he himself had designed and what does „pomology“ stand for?

Duration:1,5 hours

During the summer months the Court Garden can be visited until 8 p.m. The entrance is free.