An ideal starting point for this combined tour is the Marienberg Fortress. Marienberg Fortress was for about 500 years the residence of the prince-bishops and has not lost any of its spectacular and historic character. The visit includes the church of St. Mary, the dungeon and the spacious horse pond. Looking down from the Prince’s Garden you enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Old City and its most famous vineyards – the Würzburg Stein.

We then either walk downtown or drive down with your own bus. In the Old City you hear more about such highlights as the Old Main Bridge, the Town Hall, St. Mary’s Chapel, the Falcon House, the Newminster Church and St. Kilian’s Cathedral. Encounter interesting monuments of different centuries, see world-famous artworks by the sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider and hear remarkable stories of historic significance. You will experience a town full of history yet at the same time the very lively and ongoing university town of today.

Duration of the Combined Tour: 3 hours