Extracts from the General Terms and Conditions:

  • Admission, e.g. for the Residence, is not part of the agreed fee for the tour.
  • The maximum number of participants for a tour ist 30. For larger groups subsidiary arrangements have to be made.
  • If the planned duration of the tour exceeds by request of the client considerably (more than 15 minutes), a surcharge of 35 € (German) and 40 € (English) has to be paid for every additional hour.
  • The client is allowed to cancel the booked tour free of charge until the fourth day beforehand. In case of later cancellations 100% of the fee have to be refunded.  If the client does not turn up for the booked tour at all – either because of his own or third party fault – 100% of the fee are due.
  • Agreed meeting times have to be followed on time. Should the client be late, he is obligated to inform the guide by mobile phone as early as possible and specify the expected arrival time. Delays of more than 30 minutes without having consulted the guide entitle the guide to cancel the tour completely. The payment of the fee is still required.
  • Film and audio recording of the guide as well as recording of the tour contents are not allowed.

The  complete General Terms and Conditions (in German) can be downloaded from here:

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